The week of April 11, 2011 was definitely an adventure for the MacKendrick Bostons. Chris & Susan, along with 10 dogs, left Calgary on April 9 with a "Reno or Bust" attitude and made it to Boise, Idaho the first day. After spending a very short night with Judy & Bill Warren we started the last leg of our journey to Reno. Some 50 miles south of Boise we encountered the dreaded Murphy (of Murphy's Law fame) and blew a fan belt. We pulled into a weigh scale and were deciding what to do (with the help of OnStar) when a couple of local fellows stopped to lend a hand.  Between OnStar and the locals we found that we could get a fan belt at a Napa Auto Parts some 20 miles back the way we'd come. Off Chris went with the two helpful gentlemen to get a fan belt leaving, Susan wondering if she'd ever see him again. Chris returned in about an hour and we installed the new belt only to find that one of the pulleys the belt runs on had broken bearings which was the reason we lost the belt in the first place. From then on the day went from bad to worse. The two locals called every auto parts store within 50 miles only to find that we could only get the part at a GM dealership, which were of course all closed, it being Sunday. Going beyond the call of duty the two local fellows drove Chris to every backyard mechanic they knew to see if anybody had a used part that might fit. Susan stayed with the dogs at the trailer and had a minor "meltdown" making sure everyone we knew understood what a "pain in the ass" it was to have "used" equipment and to be stuck on the side of the road. By 4:00 PM it was obvious that we weren't going to get the parts we needed until Monday. Susan had contacted Bill & Judy Warren who were waiting when Chris arrived back at the trailer safe and sound. We were there for the night. Chris went with Bill and Judy to get Pizza for supper and we settled in, started the generator and did toe nails. Bill & Judy were back at 7:30 AM with breakfast and the new parts. After installing the parts we were on our way, a day late and a dollar short. The rest of the week went well. Not a lot of ribbons but we met a lot of Boston people and had a good time at the various social events. Susan also managed to get in some shopping for clothes and "bling". The pictures are courtesy of Maxine Uzoff as she seemed to be the only one with the presence of mind to bring her camera into the ballroom.
We had the chance to meet with Marcia McCracken (and husband Scott) and get reacquainted with Sadie - Ch. MacKendrick Hott'Trot at LoneStar
On our first day, Tuesday April 12, 2011 we competed in the Golden Gate Boston Terrier Club Specialty.
Susan showed Ronnie - MacKendricks Wil'Thin at LoneStar
Jamie Allen showed Busy Bee - MacKendrick Take a Look at Me
Susan showed Hannah - Ch. Not Droppin the Ball SageNSand
And Katie - Ch. MacKendrick Kiss Me Kate
The evening of April 12 featured the "Sock Hop" and we all had a good time dressing for the part.
Chance led us to met Mat and Debbie Estell from Ohio who purchased, from Brian Craven, one of the puppies, Nina (Magicmist's BosArt Wild is the Wind), from the breeding of our Trib (MacKendricks We're Back) and Brian's  Emma (Circle J's Lady of Emenance).
On Wednesday, April 13, our kids competed in the AKC Futurity.
Susan showed Katie (MacKendrick Kiss Me Kate), Jamie Allen showed Brooke (MacKendrick Step Up to Lonestar), Maxine Uzoff showed Busy Bee (MacKendrick Take a Look at Me) and Sharon Stoll showed Ronnie (MacKendrick Wil'thing at LoneStar) .
Thursday, April 14 the AKC Specialty continued with the Breed judging.
Susan showed Hannah (MacKendrick Not Droppin' the Ball)
Katie (MacKendrick Kiss Me Kate) won her class
On the final day, Friday, April 15,  Rocky (Ch.Oui Will We Will Rock You at Lonestar) competed in the Stud Dog Class and placed 4th, Hanna (MacKendrick Not Droppin' the Ball) competed and won the Brood Bitch class.
It's over, and the stress is finally lifted. It's a lot of work, and a lot of fun as well, but everybody is glad to see the end.
The banquet on Firday night provided a chance to say farewell to all the people we met and plan for the future.