A day in the sunshine
This is Mariah (Ch. SunGlo's Northern Exposure)
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This is Hannah (Ch. MacKendricks Not Drop'n the Ball)
This is Alura (Ch. MacKendricks Back in Black). After producing a litter of eight that included Becca & Tank, Alura and her long time companion Billy (Lineage Tested N True Sage'n Sand) may have started something. Time will tell.
This is Taylor (Ch. Tailor Made for Sage'n Sand ). She is a Canadian Champion, and, with some of our other girls, waiting for that perfect match to carry on the Sage'n Sand bloodline.
This is Sadie  (Am. Ch. Mackendrick Hott'trot at LNSTR). She lives in Texas and completed her Grand Championship in the top 20 Bostons in the US in 2012. She is now on the road in Canada aiming to complete her Canadian championship. To that end she just completed a successful weekend in Grande Prairie, Alberta garnering 7 points including two BOB wins.
This is Katie (Ch. MacKendricks Kiss Me Kate)
This is Brooke (MacKendrick Step Up to LoneStar). She is a litter mate of Katie & Ronnie. She returned to Calgary after completing her AKC Championship. She's now completed her Canadian Championship as well and is waiting for "mister right" to sweep her off her feet.
This is Ronnie (Ch MacKendrick Wil'Thing at LNSTR).  Ronnie is a litter mate of Katie & Brooke. She's at the kennel in Calgary living up to her name (Wil'Thing)  by keeping everybody else on their toes.
This is Busy Bee (Ch MacKendrick Take a Look at Me).  Busy is a littermate of Alice and Sadie. She is in California with Janice Smith of  Flying Ford fame and has completed her AKC Grand Championship. She and Janice will be at the AKC Summer Classic & the BTCC Specilties hoping to complete her Canadian Championship
This is Alisha (Start With This Magicmist). She has completed her Canadian championship and met a handsome young man from Switzerland.  Her son will be introduced to the public as soon as we can hold him still long enough to take a picture.
This is Luna (Leap of Faith for SagenSand). She and Perry produced a delightfull daughter (Solo) who is at the kennel driving her Mom and Susan up the wall after completing he Canadian Champioship.
This is Solo (MacKendrick's Flying Solo 4 Ford). She is the latest addition to the MacKendrick lineup of magnificent bitches. Her show career was brief competing as a baby puppy at AKC in Aug 2012 and then completing her championship at the CKOC show in November 2012.
This is Becca (Mackendrick Sangovis'n Roses). She joined her brother Tank for a debut in the Baby Puppy class for the CKOC show in Calgary on November 30- December 2, 2013. We have a feeling Tank will have his work cut out for him if he intends to stay ahead of his sister.
Introducing Heaven (MacKendrick's Rockin the Heavens) & Angel (MacKendrick's Rockin the Angels). Hannah and Rockie did us proud with these two. This was a repeat breeding which gave us an equal to Hannah herself (Heaven) and a clone of Alice ( Angel). We are looking forward to their debut in the Baby Puppy Class at the BTCC Regional & National at the AKC show in August.